Collar 1C-Baboon

Our collars are high performance telemetry tags for wildlife. e-obs collars are lightweight but incredibly durable and can last for years in harsh environments. Our collars start at 60 g. The larger the collars, the larger batteries can be installed. As a general rule, the weight of the collar should not exceed 3% of the tagged animal’s body weight. For the sake of animal welfare, the e-obs target value is 1%.

This collar is suitable for:

  • Baboons weighing more than 6,500 g.
  • Baboons temporarily in UHF download range

Tag specifications

Electronics dimensions (mm)
62 x 17 x 29
Battery dimensions (mm)
53 x 41 x 30
Minimum collar belt circumference
300 mm
190 g
Battery capacity
5,000 mAh
Potential GPS data acquisition
(av.) 10,000 fixes


Multi-sensor data acquisition

Wildlife research has become complex – too complex for terrestrial tracking and even GPS alone. By intelligently combining a variety of additional sensors including ACC and IMU, you get a much more complete picture of the animal’s life and can tackle much more complex study questions.


GPS provides detailed information about animal position and movement. With a GPS position of up to every 1 second and extremely high accuracy, precise movement analyses are possible on:

  • Migration
  • Home range

  • Habitat selection and use
  • Locomotion


The acceleration sensor (ACC) provides in-depth information about animal behavior. It measures acceleration (activity) on 3 axes with a frequency of up to 100Hz. The short bursts of raw data enable the study of:

  • Activity patterns

  • Behavior classification

  • Energy budgeting

  • Animal well-being


The inertial measurement unit (IMU) combines accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer sensors for an even more in-depth look at: 

  • 3D animal movement

  • Travel & hunting performance

  • Formation movement and group decision-making

Smart sampling

e-obs smart sampling allows you to focus on – and collect – only the most relevant data. You can focus your recording based on animal behavior (activity, speed or posture), location (geofence), and other parameters to optimize your data collection, energy budgeting and overall tag performance.

Dual wireless download and acces

e-obs offers standard terrestrial tracking (pinger) and 2-way local remote download via UHF radio communication with minimal power requirements and high data rates.

Better by design

Reliability without compromise. It simply must work – always. Which is why we make no compromises and think things through down to the very last design details. We also only use top-quality components to ensure that our e-obs tags last and perform.

  • Superior UV-protected housing materials

  • 100% waterproof even in the harshest environments

Analysis software and data access

The e-obs tag can provide you with an extensive and valuable data set, and we offer many ways and third-party software solutions to access, manage and analyze this data. To help you work as effectively as possible, e-obs offers data conversion in various formats, download via Movebank and software solutions such as Firetail.

Dive deep into your data

Our goal is to provide you with a tag that not only allows you to monitor your animal, but also to see every little movement and perform detailed behavioral studies. The data collected by e-obs tags provides in-depth information about the animal’s activity – every second, every hour, every day, every month, every year, or even over the animal’s entire lifetime.

Tracking movement at any level of detail

Track your animal’s migration (routes, timing), see and analyze stopovers or travel techniques (thermal jumps) and even the smallest movements such as fl ight behavior in thermal uplifts, the crossing of geographic barriers or hunting success.

Tracking activity at any level of detail

Accompany your tagged animal over days, weeks, seasons, and years. You will be able to understand its activity at each moment in time, how much energy it spends on each behavior, and perform a detailed behavioral classifi cation. See how it learns, changes and adapts its behavior and see how it powers through different periods.



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