Dive deep into your data

Our goal is to provide you with a tag that not only allows you to monitor your animal, but also to see every little movement and perform detailed behavioral studies. The data collected by e-obs tags provides in-depth information about the animal’s movement and activity – every second, every hour, every day, every month, every year, or even over the animal’s entire lifetime

Tracking movement at any level of detail

Track your animal’s migration (routes, timing), see and analyze stopovers or travel techniques, its various habitat uses (transit, food source, den) and even the smallest movements such as a birds flight performance in thermal uplifts, or a mammals hunting success.

Tracking activity at any level of detail

Accompany your tagged animal through days, weeks, seasons, and years. You’ll be able to understand its activity at each timepoint, how much energy it spends on each behavior, and do detailed behavior classifi cation. See how it learns, changes, and adapts its behavior and powers through various periods.



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