Multi-path data download

The tag records and stores data on a non-volatile memory chip. e-obs offers a variety of options for retrieving data from the tag. Standard terrestrial tracking (pinger), local download using UHF radio communications with minimal power requirements and high data rates, to a global system using cellular commuication. We have the right tool for every situation.

UHF RadioLink System

UHF radio communication using the BaseStation (handheld unit) provides 2-way communication with e-obs tags to download data and remotely reprogram tags. UHF is extremely energy and cost efficient. The range depends on the habitat, but can reach several kilometers.

UHF pinger (VHF Tracking Equivalent)

The pinger can be an important and useful tool in the field. It allows to detect the animal over large distances, surpassing the UHF download and communication range by a big margin. Moreover you can track the animal on-site, check its well-being, do visual observations and “keep in touch with the animal in the field”.

Cellular communication

Tags with cellular communication transmit the data via cellular communication and SMS (as a backup). Using a global and worldwide roaming partner network, e-obs achieves the best possible coverage to get the data to your office. The data will automatically be uploaded to Movebank. The cellular communication is bidirectional, allowing the researcher to reconfigure the cellular tag. The configuration is done with the e-obs setup tool software, which also allows you to check the status of your tags.



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