Welcome to e-obs GmbH!

We are an innovative company specialized in engineering and the production of high-end GPS telemetry products to study animal movement and behaviour.

Our special focus are lightweight GPS-tags with several sensors combining high data rates, intelligent recording and remote data download capabilities.

Our products enable researchers to analyse small scale movement (e.g. cat following a path) and to identify distinct behaviors (e.g. bird in active flight vs. gliding vs. resting on ground).

e-obs offers tags and collars in numerous shapes and sizes for a variety of study approaches.

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News & Conferences


We will attend the following conference in 2020. Further recommendations are welcome!

Publication news!

Latest papers

We are happy to share the latest sienctific papers about projects employing e-obs technology. An extensive list of publications sorted by year can be found in the dedicated Projects & References section.


Released 2020-02:

Geary et al. (2020), Breeding Brown Pelicans Improve Foraging Performance as Energetic Needs Rise.
Sci Rep

Released 2020-01:

Flack et al. (2020), Daily energy expenditure in white storks is lower after fledging than in the nest. Journal of Experimental Biology


Released 2020-03:

Amoroso et al. (2020), Water Availability Impacts Habitat Use by Red-Fronted Lemurs (Eulemur rufifrons): An Experimental and Observational Study Int J Primatol

Released 2020-01:

Ullmann et al. (2020), How do agricultural practices affect the movement behaviour of European brown hares (Lepus europaeus)? Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

Reptiles, exotic species and specials

Released 2020-01:

Wikelski et al. (2020), Potential short-term earthquake forecasting by farm-animal monitoring. bioRxiv (Preprint)

Research Highlights

A recent research paper focusing on acceleration (ACC) data.

Teague O’Mara et al.
Overall Dynamic Body Acceleration in Straw-Colored Fruit Bats Increases in Headwinds but Not With Airspeed_Teague O’Mara et al
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution., May 2019.

This cover story created quite a lot of news coverage. We are looking forward to more publications to come!

Papageorgiou et al. (2019),
The multilevel society of a small-brained bird.
Current Biology , Nov 2019.