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We are an innovative company specialized in engineering and the production of high-end GPS telemetry products to study animal movement and behaviour.

Our special focus are lightweight GPS-tags with several sensors combining high data rates, intelligent recording and remote data download capabilities.

Our products enable researchers to analyse small scale movement (e.g. cat following a path) and to identify distinct behaviors (e.g. bird in active flight vs. gliding vs. resting on ground).

e-obs offers tags and collars in numerous shapes and sizes for a variety of study approaches.

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We are informed about new publications every month, too many to show here. Please find below the most recent ones from their specific rubrique.


Release 2018-09:

Van Overveld et al. (2018), Food predictability and social status drive individual resource specializations in a territorial vulture. Scienctific Reports


Release 2018-07:

Weterings et al. (2018), Food quality and quantity are more important in explaining foraging of an intermediate-sized mammalian herbivore than predation risk or competition. Ecology and Evolution

Reptiles and exotic species

Release 2018-07

Parlin et al. (2018), Activity and movement of free-living box turtles are largely independent of ambient and thermal conditions. Movement Ecology

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PRSB cover 04_2017

Farine DR, Strandburg-Peshkin A, Couzin ID, Berger-Wolf TY, Crofoot MC Individual variation in local interaction rules can explain emergent patterns of spatial organization in wild baboons., Proc. R. Soc. B, April 23, 2017 284 : 20162243.