Welcome to e-obs GmbH!

We are an innovative company specialized in engineering and the production of high-end GPS telemetry products to study animal movement and behaviour.

Our special focus are lightweight GPS-tags with several sensors combining high data rates, intelligent recording and remote data download capabilities.

Our products enable researchers to analyse small scale movement (e.g. cat following a path) and to identify distinct behaviors (e.g. bird in active flight vs. gliding vs. resting on ground).

e-obs offers tags and collars in numerous shapes and sizes for a variety of study approaches.

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Software-update: A new setuptool with many new features will be released on May 11th (~13:00 UTC). Here a short introduction.

Publication news!

Latest papers

We are happy to share the latest sienctific papers about projects employing e-obs technology. An extensive list of publications sorted by year can be found in the dedicated Projects & References section.


Released 2021-05:

Jax et al. (2021),Health monitoring in birds using bio-loggers and whole blood transcriptomics. Sci Rep


Released 2021-07:

Mengüllüoğlu et al. (2021), Female and male Eurasian lynx have distinct spatial tactics at different life-history stages in a high-density population.  Ecology and Evolution

Reptiles, exotic species and specials

Released 2021-07:

Pike et al. (2021), Body size, sex and high philopatry influence the use of agricultural land by Galapagos giant tortoises. Oryx


Research Highlights

A highlight research paper about data processing and analysing of retrieved data.

Yu et al. (2021), An evaluation of machine learning classifiers for next-generation, continuousethogram smart trackers Movement Ecology