e-obs has been founded by a team of engineers with several years of industrial experience. Having a strong engineering background we are able to not only deliver reliable state-of-the-art products but to push technology.

We also have an excellent understanding of field biology: In 2001 we started working on various wildlife telemetry projects and we recently complemented our team by a trained field biologist. Over the last 15 years we have developed a very good understanding of the biology of our tagged animals and the needs of our customers. This close relationship to our customers allows us to constantly improve and expand our product portfolio.

We are dedicated to our customers and we offer the best possible support, assisting you in every phase of your telemetry project.

We chose LichtBlick as our electricty provider, because 100% of their electricity comes from renewable sources.

Erdwärme Grünwald

In 2016 our office building has been connected to the geothermal grid of Erdwärme Grünwald GmbH. Erdwärme Grünwald is municipal utility dedicated to provide renewable and fossil free caloric energy for residential, industrial and municipal customers. Thanks to these local efforts, our headquarters in Grünwald are now running fossil free.

Our website is being hosted by STRATO, a company committed to climate protection. Our website is CO2 free.